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Notice: Annual Review of Financial and I.T. Policies

Department Title Link
Financial Services B-Cash Flow Policy Download
Banking Cash & Investment Policy Download
Contract Management Framework Download
Contract Management Policy Download
Creditors Control & Debt Management Policy Download
Declaration of Conflict Download
Municipal Finance Management Internship Policy Download
Petty Cash Management Policy Download
Policy on Provision for Doubtful Debt Download
Revenue Enhancement Strategy Download
Subsistence & Travel Policy Download
Supply Chain Management Policy Download
Property Rates Policy Download
Asset Management Policy Download
Budget Management Policy Download
Virement Policy Download
Ulundi Schedule of Tariffs Download
Property Valuations: SV4 Roll Download
I.T. Services I.T. Assets Policy Download
I.T. Backup & Restore Policy Download
I.T. Change Management Policy Download
I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan Download
I.T. Governance Charter Download
I.T. ICT System Access Policy Download
I.T. Physical and Environmental Security Policy Download
I.T. Project Management Methodology Download
I.T. Security Policy Download
I.T. Server Room Download
I.T. Asset Disposal Procedure Download
Community Services Policy Guidelines of Recycling of Solid Waste Download
Library Collection Development Download
Library Communicable Disease Policy Download
Indegent Burial Policy Download
Planning & Development Immovable Property Disposal Policy Download
Office of The MM OPMS Policy Framework: 2022 - 2023 Download
Internal Audit Ulundi Local Municipality Internal Audit Committee Charter June 2023 Download
Ulundi Local Municipality Audit Committee Charter June 2023 Download
Audit Committee Work Plan 2023 - 2024 Download
Ulundi Local Municipality Internal Audit Annual Plan 2023 - 2024 Download