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Mr Sandile M. Khomo

Municipal Manager

Good governance, accountability, and transparency are values we hold dear to us as public servants, together with the Council of Ulundi Municipality led by His Worship the Mayor, Cllr Wilson Ntshangase.

We have taken an oath and committed ourselves to serve the people of Ulundi with respect, honour, and integrity. This is why our aim is to always be a Municipality that has an effective two-way communication system with our community, traditional leaders, and all partner stakeholders. This plays an important role in ensuring that service delivery and development are implemented accordingly and that all who engage with us have a meaningful understanding of how we operate as a Municipality.

Through the strong relationships we have forged with our stakeholders, we have been able to go outside of our mandated scope and build, together with good samaritans, many safe and dignified houses for families and the elderly in need. This is an ongoing initiative that showcases the respect we have for our community by intervening where we can. Our vision is to make Ulundi Municipality economically viable through local economic development. We have programmes in place to assist and provide work resources to many local cooperatives and SMMEs. These innovative initiatives from our local entrepreneurs play a vital role in boosting our local economy and reducing unemployment, a scourge affecting many in the country.

However, as a small Municipality with a minimal budget, it is important for residents to make payments for municipal services such as rates, refuse collection, and electricity in order for our books to always be in the clear so we can continue to render adequate services, plan for the maintenance and construction of services, as well as meet our developmental goals that will better the lives of all our residents. This is why we have been left with no choice but to implement the drive to cut off illegal electricity connections. This is to recover as much revenue as possible to settle the Eskom debt of over R100 million due to illegal connections across the Municipality. We are currently in a dire situation as Eskom has implemented load reduction due to the debt owed. On this basis, we cannot allow people to engage in this illegal practice. I urge residents to abide by the law because if they continue to reconnect illegally, they will face the might of the law.

I am proud to share with the people of Ulundi that we have recently filled important portfolios with capable candidates that have emersed themselves in the culture of Ulundi Municipality of working hard to serve our community. At Ulundi Municipality, our community and all partner stakeholders can continue to trust us because, every day, we recommit ourselves to continue to work to serve, improve, and develop the lives of all in Ulundi.