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The municipal councilors and The Executive Director of Community Services Department together with the newly elected Junior Council members.
From the left: Honorable Deputy Mayor of Ulundi - Mrs. TG Madela, Mrs. TA Ntombela, Sinegugu Zulu [Mahlabathini High School], Mayibenhle khali [Masibumbane High School], Zamangwe Zwane [Ntabasuka High School] Aphiwe Buthelezi [Mkhombe High School] and Cllr. SS Siwela.

Other presenters during presentation were:
1. Reutlingen County, Germany
• The presentation was laying out the partnership between Ulundi Municipality and Reutlingen Country which was started by Ulundi submitting Business Plan proposal to German for support towards fighting climate change. The Partnership started formally in 2019 when His Worship The Mayor Cllr. WM Ntshangase and other officials travel to German for the establishment of the partnership and signing of Memorandum of understanding (MOU).
• The focus was to introduce the Solar Power System which is to be installed in Ulundi Civic Centre for electrifying the buildings through environmental friendly approach.

2. South African Youth Climate Change (SAYCC)
• SAYCC is a network of young environmentalists and climate justice activists. The organization is youth-led, with a centralized, orientated and participative leadership which is based on teamwork.
• Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental Care, Youth being encouraged on championing their responsibilities and commitments in the environment.
• Participants were divided into groups for discussion, covering the following: clean ups and recycling, food gardening and solar power production.

3. Save the Children
• Save the Children South Africa (SCSA) is a local registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and a pioneer for children’s rights. Through integrated and holistic programmes, SCSA aims to support children, adolescents and young people (AYP) to achieve their full potential.
• Their main focus was on Child Right, Child Participation and action plan for the next 3 years of their term in Junior Council.

4. Zululand District Municipality (Adolescent Youth Development Officer)
• The Officer was introducing their responsibilities to the participants and provided them with all details required should they require involvement of the office for individual support and mentoring or even to their peers.
• Participants were made to play fun games (icebreaker) which they all enjoyed and felt easy to ask questions associated to teenage pregnancy, bullying and drug abuse.

Presentation of Certificates

All participants were awarded with a goody bag and the certificate of appreciation for their determination and cooperation throughout the program. The presentation was made by Honorable Deputy Mayor of Ulundi: Mrs. TG Madela together with the Portfolio Chairperson: Cllr. SS Siwela.

An extremely happy participant receiving her certificate and Gift from The Deputy Mayor and Portfolio chairperson.

Siyabonga Mbatha receiving his certificate and Gift who is also holding another position of being a Junior Commander for Ulundi SAPS.

The group discussion by participants.

Participants raising hands when they are asked questions, showing their engagement to the session.

Presentation by Mr. Khulekani Magwaza from SAYCC.

Participants listening attentively to the presentation and taking some notes.