Water and Sanitation

Water Provision
In terms of the Water Services Act of 1997 the Zululand District Municipality is the water services authority for its area of jurisdiction which includes the Ulundi Municipality. The Zululand District Municipality is also the water services provider within the service area of the Ulundi Municipality.

Solid Waste Disposal
The Municipality operated its own waste disposal site but it was closed down because it did not have the necessary authorisation and as a result of concerns raised by affected communities that the site was in close proximity to households. The Zululand District Municipality commissioned a Solid Waste Management Master Plan that was compiled in June 2002 and is now out of date. It identified two potential solid waste disposal sites within the service area of the Ulundi Municipality, one in Ulundi and the other in Babanango, each with a potential life span in excess of 25 years. In April 2007 a study commissioned by the District Municipality to investigate the establishment of a regional landfill site under the control of the District Municipality recommended that the status quo be retained. Nevertheless, from the perspective of the Ulundi Municipality it is imperative that an alternative to the current solid waste disposal process be pursued, the establishment of a regional landfill site being one possible alternative.
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