Police (SAPS)

Safety & Security
The Ulundi Municipality is serviced by five police stations each with a service radius of 20 kilometres. The police stations are situated in Babanango, Strangers Rest, Ulundi, Mahlabathini and Ceza (near the Hospital). Only the far north west of the Municipality around Ngongweni, and the far eastern areas around Nqulwane are not situated within the 20kilometre service radius of the police stations. Each of the police stations has developed a community police forum where all of the relevant stakeholders, including the Municipality, participate.

Traffic management and control is carried out by the traffic officials employed by the Ulundi Municipality; provincial traffic officers are also located within the service area of the Municipality. Traffic officials employed by the Municipality form part of the structure of the Directorate: Protection Services. In order to monitor the speed of vehicles on the Municipality’s roads, the traffic officials make use of two speed monitoring cameras, one of which is owned by the Municipality and the other is on contract from a service provider.

The Municipality developed its own testing ground which was placed in operation with effect from 10 January 2011. As a consequence the Municipality is able to provide its communities with the opportunity to obtain a learners’ license (30 people can be examined per day); the testing of drivers’ licenses (21 persons can be examined per day) and the testing of vehicles (light motor vehicles; heavy motor vehicles and articulated vehicles). Currently there are five driving schools operating within the Ulundi municipal area; the establishment of a testing ground has meant that they have much reduced distances to travel for the testing of drivers’ license candidates; two of the driving schools provide training to prospective drivers in all three categories of motor vehicle.

One of the issues that need to be addressed is the prevalence of stray animals which are a hazard on the roads, both within the towns and in the rural areas. What is required is the establishment and operation of an animal pound within the Ulundi municipal area. In this regard, the Municipality purposed to engage a service provider to establish the facility– the tender was first advertised in the latter part of the 2010 calendar year without soliciting a single response from any potential service provider.
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