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Electrification Management:

Planned Maintenance:

Planned maintenance means the act of maintaining to preserve from deterioration by the use of appropriate resources and pro-active and pre-emptive actions, including the systematic inspection, cleaning, calibrating, measuring and recording, making of minor adjustments, testing, replacing of minor parts and any other similar actions necessary to prevent deterioration, to assure reliability to improve the availability.

Planned maintenance should therefore also include the removal from the system of unreliable components, equipment or sub-systems and replacement with components, equipment or sub-systems which will improve reliability.

Planned maintenance also means the scheduled upgrading and the restoration of the system, any sub-systems, or components to a condition equal to the original specification in the event of a random fault, failure or damage. Corrective maintenance includes the subsequent repair or replacement of any components found to be defective, irrespective of the course.
Planned maintenance is a pro-active maintenance activity arising from scheduled inspections.
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