Corporate Services

Corporate Services Management
It constitutes of the following Divisions with their respective functions: Human Resources, Legal services, and Communication and Administration.

Human Resource
  • Recruitment & Maintenance of Personnel
  • Training, Organisational Development and Restructuring
  • Personnel and Leave Administration
  • Labour Relations Management
  • Employee Assistance Programme & Employee Wellness Programme

Legal Services
  • Handle Litigation Matter on behalf of Council
  • Initiate legal actions on behalf of Council
  • Provision of Legal Advises and Opinions
  • General Legal Office Administration
Communication and Public Relations
  • Coordinating Internal and External Correspondence
  • Keeping Municipal Records & Archiving
  • Handling the Telecommunication System
  • Operating Call/Customer Care Centre
  • Support to Council Committees
  • Organise Committee Meetings of Council
  • Issue Agendas and Minutes of Meetings
  • Councilor Support and Support to Council Committees
Mandatory fields – Certain fields and documentation are mandatory to certain business types. Please ensure that all fields which are mandatory to your business type, have been completed. It is important to note that if the validity period of the Tax Clearance Certificate and BEE Certificate / Letter from Auditors submitted has expired, a new and valid CERTIFICATE must be submitted to comply with legislation.
Required documentation – Please submit the following document to Supplier Management, This document must be handed to Ulundi Local Municipality or SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT within seven days of registration:

(i) Business Entity Company Profile & Structure
(ii) Tax Clearance Certificate (Original)
(iii) Original Bank Details Verification (Ulundi Local Municipality banking details form with original bank stamp, Letter from the bank with original bank stamp or an original cancelled cheque). BEE Certificate or Letter from Auditors Failure to do so, will result in your registration not being processed.

Completion of Questions – Please clearly answer all questions with honesty, as false statements and incomplete forms will not be processed. If the question is not applicable, please state N/A.
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